New Product Development & Brand Consultancy

If you are planning to launch your own brand and are looking for advice on how to do it, take advantage of our tailored consultancy service on brand development and launch strategy.

We provide guidance on the brand launch process and the essential requirements to create a successful beauty brand. Based on your specific project we can recommend suppliers, from bottle and packaging designers, fragrance houses, to original design manufacturers (ODM); we can assist with forecasting, logistics and warehousing, and advise on costs and time line. Alternatively, we can do it all on your behalf.

If you already have a brand but would like some advice on how to take it to market, we can work with you to create your launch strategy and 3 year plan, including defining your brand’s positioning, its price point and structure, determining sales potential, the distribution channels, the marketing & PR plan, new product development and promotional plans, as well as potential staff requirements.

If you would like to discuss your brand objectives and receive a quote, then please contact us.