FQ meets the nose behind Karen Walker’s new hit fragrance.

In this interview for Fashion Quarterly, perfumer Véronique Nyberg answers the following questions:

  • You’ve created a lot of incredible fragrances in the course of your career — what was unique about Runaway?
  • What was it that drew you to Karen and her brand?
  • When you create a fragrance, do you envision the sort of person who would wear it, and if so, who is the Runaway Girl to you?
  • What was Karen’s brief? And after receiving it, how did you translate her vision into a scent?
  • So tell us more about that interplay between masculine and feminine…
  • What influence does the bottle have on the experience of the fragrance?
  • Do you have a philosophy when it comes to scent?
  • Where do your ideas come from?

A snippet from the article

“I was seduced by her passion and strong personality. Karen’s signature of playing with masculine and feminine, folk and utility attracts me, as I also love to work with contrast and opposition, exploring the ambiguity of an ingredient’s olfactive profile.”

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