MiNDFOOD Style’s article talks about the creation of Karen Walker’s first fragrances – the ABC trio

This article talks about the creation of the ABC fragrances. Everything from Karen Walker’s inspiration, her experience, to the planning process behind creating the range. The article rounds off beautifully with concise descriptions of each of the three unique scents.

A snippet from the article

“Women in five different countries blind-tested the fragrances, “as this is a launch that’s happening in several markets at once”, says Walker. She changes her mind every day about which of the trio is her favourite. “It shifts continually. They’re designed to be like that as life changes so drastically from day to day and the fragrances are created with this in mind,” she says. So what does each fragrance mean to her? “A gives me ideas and inspiration; B makes me feel like the possibilities are endless; C makes me feel empowered.”

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