Through this article Karen Walker goes into detail about the creation of her fragrances, a trio called ABC.

Get to know Karen Walker and her journey through the creation of her fragrances in this interview style article by Janetta Mackay.

Janetta Mackay asks Karen about her history and associations with scents

  • When do you wear fragrance?
  • Define what perfume is to you?
  • When you choose a fragrance what are you wanting it to say about you?
  • What’s your earliest fragrance memory?
  • Does NZ have a smell?
  • What are your favourite smells?
  • Are there fragrances you don’t like?

And delves into the Karen Walker ABC fragrances with questions such as:

  • Why [make] perfume?
  • Why France?
  • How did it all come together?
  • Packaging?
  • Your name is not on the front of the bottle, what was the thinking with this?
  • What do your fragrances express?
  • What would you be wearing with them?
  • Do you have a favourite?

A snippet from the article…

“I’m an optimistic person and an energetic person, so I guess that’s what I look for in a fragrance, and that they’re interesting, where it’s not just sickeningly sweet, or very sexy, it’s interesting and there are layers and there’s a point of view.” Karen Walker, on her fragrance choice.

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